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Hover via Three Point Touch

As a long time user of mouse and keyboard, a “touch only” interface makes me feel like I’m working with 7 fingers tied behind my back. Hmm . . . . I guess I only say that because it sounds funny.  I’m

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STSC_uvVectorMap Tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate the use of the STSC_uvVectorMap command.  As I’ve mentioned in other tutorials, it is difficult to predict how some of my routines will be used.  For this demo I tried to create a fairly generic scenario, though

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More wishing for Windows RT Surface

At the end of the day, these blades are about maximizing screen real estate and offering an efficient, haptic UI.  In much the same fashion that a physical qwerty pad outperforms the on screen keyboard for word processing, blades would

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Windows RT wish list

Hopefully, Microsoft will distribute a Software DevelopersKit (SDK) and incorporate Blades, Keys and Touchpads into the Toolbox of some soon to be released version of Visual Studio (VS).  Creating a custom blade should not be much different from designing WinForms. 

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Real work with Windows RT Surface

Did Microsoft just reveal RT’s killer app?  Not the typical App Store app.  A combination of hardware and software – can’t use firmware, as that term already has implications, – perhaps it will be called  “Bladeware”.…surface-blades If I’m interpreting correctly

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STSC_HeightMap Tutorial

Many of the routine I’ve published on Autodesk-Apps will not appeal to “run of the mill” CAD users.  I don’t find that bothersome, though, because they already have numerous developers vying for their attention.  The users out at the fringe – working with AutoCAD in

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Yet Another Focus

AutoCAD’s evolution fascinates me.  Arguably, still the top computer aided drafting package available.  The tool set allows the documentation of mundane shop/field drawing up to multi sheet, legally binding plan sets.  AutoCAD is the essence of Graphical/Textural communication. Users of the software

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Alternate Focus

I intend to dedicate a portion of this blog’s topic space to the use of tablets in Computer Aided Design.   Despite some of Autodesk’s offerings (AutoCAD WS, Sketchbook) I’d say this form factor is still in the formative years.  I’d

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Welcome to my Blog

Hello visitors, Welcome to my blog.  While I expect future postings to be multi-purpose (perhaps to the point of unstructured), the primary role of this blog is to have more in-depth communication with users of my Exchange App routines. Do

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