Alternate Focus

I intend to dedicate a portion of this blog’s topic space to the use of tablets in Computer Aided Design.   Despite some of Autodesk’s offerings (AutoCAD WS, Sketchbook) I’d say this form factor is still in the formative years.  I’d love to hear the multitude of ideas on how best to incorporate tablets into CAD.

My own personal bias will no doubt be exposed.  I have a sizable investment in the Windows ecosystem, so I didn’t consider buying a devise until that system’s emergence.  I currently have a Windows Surface RT.  I’m absolutely certain that the other camps (iOS, Android) offer extremely good products.  If I had a little extra cash lying about I would buy an example of each of them.  I’d probably be quite impressed by the polish.   This type of tech benefits from every week of it’s existence.  Windows has a late start; I’m betting, though, they can still get into the game.

I guess Windows RT’s first milestone – at least as far as my needs are concerned – will be to show staying power enough to coax Autodesk into porting their AutoCAD 360 app.  The web format will do in the meantime; the full up app would demonstrate some faith.

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